Pareto-based search space.

class opytimizer.spaces.pareto.ParetoSpace(data_points: numpy.ndarray, mapping: Optional[List[str]] = None)

A ParetoSpace class for agents, variables and methods related to the pareto-frontier search space.

__init__(data_points: numpy.ndarray, mapping: Optional[List[str]] = None) → None

Initialization method.

  • data_points – Pre-defined data points.
  • mapping – String-based identifiers for mapping variables’ names.
_load_agents(data_points: numpy.ndarray) → None

Loads agents from pre-defined data points.

Parameters:data_points – Pre-defined data points.
build(data_points: numpy.ndarray) → None

Builds the object by creating and pre-loading the agents.

Parameters:data_points – Pre-defined data points.
clip_by_bound() → None

Overrides default function as no clipping should be performed.