Logging-based methods and helpers.

class opytimizer.utils.logging.Logger(name, level=0)

A customized Logger file that enables the possibility of only logging to file.

to_file(msg: str, *args, **kwargs) → None

Logs the message only to the logging file.

Parameters:msg – Message to be logged.
opytimizer.utils.logging.get_console_handler() → logging.StreamHandler

Gets a console handler to handle logging into console.

Returns:Handler to output information into console.
Return type:(StreamHandler)
opytimizer.utils.logging.get_timed_file_handler() → logging.handlers.TimedRotatingFileHandler

Gets a timed file handler to handle logging into files.

Returns:Handler to output information into timed files.
Return type:(TimedRotatingFileHandler)
opytimizer.utils.logging.get_logger(logger_name: str) → opytimizer.utils.logging.Logger

Gets a logger and make it avaliable for further use.

Parameters:logger_name – The name of the logger.
Returns:Logger instance.
Return type:(Logger)